Home Movies Black Widow: Story details appear for Marvel heroine’s solo film

Black Widow: Story details appear for Marvel heroine’s solo film

Black Widow Story details appear for Marvel heroine's solo film

Black Widow: Story details appear for Marvel heroine’s solo film.

Much like its namesake, the Black Widow solo film is slipping its way into the spotlight. Fans have been calling for it, and Chris Evans saw it coming. After years of speculation, business details are starting to appear on a solo adventure being developed for Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel Comics heroine Black Widow. Marvel Studios first public attempt to get a black widow film going happened 3 months before, with the hiring of author Jac Schaeffer to whip up a screenplay. Given that the project is being placed together, we are beginning to get a notion of where, and once, it may take place.

Additionally, we are starting to get a fantastic notion of the other heroes and villains who stand a chance of showing up. Citing many resources, That Hashtag Show has set out a report indicating that the film will, such as Captain Marvel, be set in the past of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as opposed to the present. In accordance with the THS report, the film will be set in two different time periods, one following Black Widow’s time in the KGB as a state secret agent, and also another group after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The latter part of the film will still take place within our past, catching up with Natasha Nat Romanova as she makes a name for himself in the United States.

Chronologically, the section of the film that is closer to the present will nevertheless take place before Nat introduction to the MCU in Iron Man 2. Further plot details include the participation of Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier, who through those time periods would be under the control of HYDRA and the KGB. If his inclusion makes it through to the final product, it’ll reflect the characters shared history. At the comics, Bucky assisted to train Natasha, with the two forming a relationship. Whether this will follow through to the solo film remains to be seen. Romance or not, it’ll be fun to see both of those characters as bad men, if that be the route the studio takes with it.

Lastly, THS confirmed the Black Widow film will possess Thor: Ragnarok’s Brad Winderbaum, that was with Marvel Studios because the very first Iron Man, on board as an executive producer. Rumor has it that the black widow film is being prepared for a 2020 release date, but as of today, that detail is totally unconfirmed. Past the untitled 4th Avengers film, the MCU core is a small mystery, with the only announced projects being a Spider Man: Continuing Home and Gardens of Galaxy Vol. The studio is also reportedly working on a film focusing on the Eternals, but that project, unlike the other two, has yet to be officially announced. Whenever the Dark Widow movie does appear, it will be a very long time in the making.

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